Volunteering Abroad

Understanding a Volunteer Vacation
A volunteer vacation is also known as volunteer travel or voluntourism. It is a type of travel in which the traveler willingly and freely commits himself or herself to some cause in his or her destination without seeking any remuneration for the work done. It is a type of charity work done in a destination where one travels to. Formerly, this type of vacation was not popular. Only a few individual engaged in voluntourism. But this is no longer the case today. It has grown in popularity today. Many vacationers freely and willingly commit themselves to some charity work.

Types of Voluntourism
Volunteer vacation is of different types owing to the fact that people only volunteer in various areas of life where they have the required skills and are happy to apply them in the service of the people and the community where they spend their vacation. It could be menial like cleaning and keeping the environment clean. One can also help in work that requires professionalism like providing medical care services. Voluntourism can also be academic in nature. In this type of work, the volunteers engage in academic work like teaching other people or doing scientific research in order to promote practices and action that will benefit the society. Volunteer programs include:

  • Volunteers for Peace
  • Heritage Conservation Network
  • Oceanic Society Expeditions
  • Volunteer for Teaching
  • Healthcare Volunteers
  • Volunteer for Cross Cultural Solution

The connection between different types of volunteer holidaymakers and voluntourism is that each of the volunteer freely and willing decides to apply his or her skills in the service of community where they are spending their holiday in.

Who can Apply for a Volunteer Vacation?
Any person who is willing to apply his experience and skills in the service of other people without seeking remuneration for their work can embark on this type of vacation. Students as well as newly graduate can go for volunteer vacation in group. It is more fun and outstanding when it is done in a group or in the company of one’s colleagues. So, students can plan to go for volunteer tourism in group. It will help them to boost their resume.

Besides students, individuals and researchers who want to help the society through their research can decide to research on some issues plaguing the community where they are spending their vacation on in order to help the community to deal with their problems.

Voluntarism will also appeal to baby boomers. Going for volunteer vacation will help them to discover activities that will give new meaning to their life as they transition into a new phase of life. Families and indeed any other person that wants a positive change in the world can decide to embark on volunteer vacation.

The Benefits of Voluntourism
There are a number of benefits that one can obtain from such travel. Below are some of the benefits of embarking on voluntourism.

  • International Recognition: Engaging in charity work for the good of humanity is a veritable means through which one can achieve international awareness and recognition.
  • Holiday Boredom: Volunteering in your vacation destination will help to keep you busy during your vacation and thus help you to avoid holiday boredom.
  • Better ways of Exploring your Vacation Spot: Voluntourism brings holidaymakers together with the local people and helps them to visit many places that ordinarily they would not have visited; thus making it possible for them to explore their vacation spot very well.
  • Improve on your Skills.
  • Internal Joy for Helping to Improve the Life of Others.

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