Building Homes in Costa Rica

Vacations don’t necessarily have to be only lazing all day long in the beaches and munching on gourmet food in your luxurious hotel room. You can actually do something special and meaningful by taking up a volunteer vacation and help people. One such amazing volunteering vacation in Costa Rica offers you the opportunity to build homes for the less privileged. So, if you find construction interesting then you may consider building homes in Costa Rica and spread the joy.

When you are in Costa Rica, the locals will greet you as “Pura vida” which is a traditional way of greeting in the country and it means “walk lightly, stop and smell the flowers.” Thus, take life easy and enjoy it as it comes. There are numerous programs in Costa Rica that allow you to enjoy soft adventure and learn more about the vibrant culture of other countries while you build homes for them.

There are different types of programs available for those who are interested in taking up volunteering vacations in the country. When you are in Costa Rica, the local leaders of the place will help you get involved in the community development projects which include the landscaping of public spaces, improving the eco-tourism, painting of the classroom, renovating buildings, and so on.

The kind of task that you undergo in your volunteering vacation in Costa Rica may vary from team to team. If you are really interested in building homes and you have the skills then you can do really well and help a lot of people too. In just a short span of time, the efforts that you put in your vacation will be fruitful and you will be able to see the results in front of your eyes.

When you build homes in Costa Rica, you directly help build long term economic as well as social improvements. This is a great way to utilize your skills and also contribute o the community by working with the resourceful people. The volunteers from around the world are invited to worn in the rural villages Costa Rica where the natives do not have proper homes to live in.

If you have any experience in construction then this can prove to be really helpful for you as you will be able to create better homes for the less privileged, thus improve the standard of living for them. Besides building homes in Costa Rica, there are a host of other construction related tasks that you can do during your visit to this beautiful country and these include upgrading a classroom, landscaping and painting community facilities, starting as well as maintaining the school gardens, helping with the youth recreational activities, encouraging girls’ education, and helping with recycling to support ecotourism.

So, what are you waiting for? Make this vacation really fruitful. Take up a construction volunteering program in Costa Rica and help build homes for someone and enjoy a pleasant experience. You will be remembered for this act of kindness all through their lives and you will cherish the time spent with the new friends you make.

Canadian Citizens Teaching Abroad

Working abroad is a dream for many but there are many individuals who wish to work abroad not lured by the huge pay pancakes and facilities, instead they are driven by the passion to serve the people. There are many less privileged people in the world who need your help, and when you plan to take a vacation why not take a volunteering vacation and help these people by spreading love and goodness. There are many Canadian citizens teaching abroad and helping kids learn a lot of things apart from school studies.

If you love children and teaching is your passion you can join as a volunteer for one of the teaching programs in the developing countries such as Ghana and Thailand. There are many public schools and orphanages in these countries that lack enough teachers and the school also needs repair. You can contribute by teaching English or other subjects of your choice to the lovely kids who will make your day with their lovely smiles.

If you are interested to teach abroad then join your fellow Canadian citizens teaching abroad and connect with them through forums and blogs. Learning about their experiences will help you gain an insight on the kind of trip you can look forward to. One of the amazing benefits of joining a volunteering program that allows you to teach abroad is that you don’t necessarily need to have a teaching certificate for this.

Whether you are a retire teacher, a professor looking for a career break or simply someone who is passionate about teaching, all are welcome to volunteer in different parts of the world and help kids learn and develop. As a volunteer, you will be staying in a decent accommodation with basic facilities and sometimes you may be traveling to the remote villages that do not have the basic needs such as education, medical facilities and electricity.

Canadian citizens teaching abroad contribute whatever they can to uplift the present condition of the children in these countries and help them in whichever way possible. As a volunteer you may teach English or other subjects that you may be good at. Apart from teaching various subjects, you may also help the kids in personality development and engage them with various extracurricular activities.

If you are interested in sports then you may be a sports teacher and help the children sharpen their sports skills. Physical training is also very essential and this may also form a part of your program. Canadian citizens teaching abroad as a part of volunteering programs are full of stories of the schools, the kids they spend time with, the friendly locals, the unique culture they are exposed to, and the nearby places they visit.

Before joining a volunteering program, make sure you know all details about it and ask any questions that you may have. Whether you choose to take a week volunteering program or spend a month teaching kids in foreign countries, you are sure to gather memories that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Volunteering in Costa Rica offers Exciting Opportunities

If you are interested in volunteering and doing your little bit for the society and environment at large then you can choose Costa Rica, a perfect destination for anyone wanting to volunteer in foreign countries. Volunteering in Costa Rica presents you with a plethora of exciting opportunities such as learning to speak Spanish fluently, conserving the various national parks and tropical beaches, saving the wild life and various other interesting activities.

In Costa Rica, about 25 percent of the land comprises of protected national parks including the tropical beaches of the Jaco, along with the Heredia volcanic hot springs that makes it a naturally endowed place. So, if you are looking for an enjoyable vacation close to natural surroundings and also involve in activities that do good for people and the world then this Central American country is your best bet.

Things to do in Costa Rica

There is no dearth of activities that you can do while you are in Costa Rica, and there is a wide range volunteering projects that you can choose from. From harvesting fresh coffee beans and saving the endangered turtles to zipping line through the jungle all day long, you can choose what you what to do as per your taste and preferences.

The Costa Ricans are friendly people and they are warmly welcome the tourists that come to the country to marvel at the verdant jungles, beautiful beaches and volcanoes. While you are volunteering in Costa Rica, you can help the local people by preserving the raw and natural charm of their country. Whether you choose to try farming in the country and harvest local produce, rehabilitate the animals and plants, or explore the beautiful underground caves, always ensure that you create a positive impact on the locals and the environment of the country you visit.

Rescue Wildlife in Costa Rica

This is perhaps one of the most sought after volunteering options as it provides you with the opportunity to get close to the wild life and habitat of the country. This may include anything from cleaning the animal cages to feeding the wild animals. It also includes maintaining the paths and roads, while also developing social programs that are required to increase the awareness for wildlife in Costa Rica.

Rural Families in Central Highlands

If you are a coffee lover then you are sure to dig on this opportunity as it allows you to work with the rural families and help them harvest coffee beans. Nearly one fifth of the country’s GNP comes from the production of coffee so the time you spend in the plantation will be worthwhile and you will cherish your experience. The activities usually include harvesting, roasting, packaging, marketing, cropping the fruits, and reforestation.

You may also choose to volunteer in private eco-reserve in the rain forests in Costa Rica, or explore the fascinating caves in the Barra Honda National Park. No matter what you do, you are sure to enjoy your time volunteering in Costa Rica and take back wonderful memories with you.

Australian Citizens Teaching Abroad

Teaching is a wonderful profession and a highly fulfilling one at that, but have you ever considered teaching just for the joy of it? If you are a retired teacher, a professor looking for an escapade, or just someone who has a passion for teaching, you can greatly benefit yourself as well as others by teaching abroad. There are many Australian citizens teaching abroad as a part of their volunteering programs and you may also join them and experience the pleasure of teaching unconditionally.

If you look online you will find several websites that help Australian citizens take up teaching in the foreign countries. You may choose to teach kids in orphanages; teach in the public schools; or teach communication skills in the corporate houses. Many times you do not have to be a certified teacher to be able to teach in schools abroad. There may be a few tests that you will take in order to qualify for teaching abroad and if you have the interest to teach then that’s exact what you need to make a difference in someone’s life.

What is a Volunteering Vacation?

If you are wondering what is a volunteering vacation then let me tell you this is a kind of short trip that you will undertake to some foreign country and the stay may last for a week or a month, spending on you desire. During your stay, you will teach the kids in the school or an orphanage, and during the weekends you can visit the nearby attractions and relax.

You usually need to pay a fee to join the volunteering program as the organizers will do a lot of background work to ensure that you have a worthwhile trip. Everything starting from your air ticket to your stay and the activities that you will take part in the volunteering program will be organized by the host company. Most of the organizations will send you to developing countries such as Ghana, Thailand, Sri Lanka or other countries.

These countries are poor and the public schools lack enough good teachers to teach the enthusiastic children. You may also opt to work in an orphanage and teach the orphan kids. Depending on your personal interest, you may choose to teach English, math, science or may subject of your choice. You may also choose to be a sport teacher if you are good at it.

So, if you are looking for a vacation and contribute to the community in some way consider joining the hundreds of Australian citizens teaching abroad. This is a fulfilling job as most volunteers say because the joy of helping the less privileged kids and seeing the twinkle in their eyes is really amazing.

When you take up teaching in aboard, you will be spending most of your time teaching the kids in school and during the weekends you may help construct the school building or take a small trip to nearby tourist destination and relax. Regardless of whether you teach in abroad for a week or a month, you are sure to enjoy your experience.